Strasbourg - Boston & Co 2021

A leaner and better way to expand business opportunities: Working with dynamic and forward-looking cities, entrepreneurs & engaged ecosystem leaders


Leading global innovation hub


European innovation hub

Bringing Boston and Strasbourg as one to help entrepreneurs from both region access European and US markets



Virtual Program to Expand Your Business


Enroll in this great program and conference uniting you virtually with other participants from Boston and Strasbourg.


Rapidly evaluate your foreign business opportunities

Better decisions for your expansion plans

Soft-land in your target region

Accelerate by 2X your business opportunities

Find clients and key strategic partners

Identify your best funding strategies



Participant benefits

A program for Boston companies

A program for Strasbourg companies

Standard and custom curriculums

Precision ecosystem approach

A focus on business results 

Expand your network and ideas


Healthcare companies

Rapidly gain the insights and strategic contacts you need to decide and pursue a go to market strategy. Reduce risks, maximize your success leveraging a highly customized private-public initiative focusing on results.

Opportunistic Investors

Explore and evaluate opportunities, meet virtually and later physically highly promising local entrepreneurial talents. Meet and exchange with local investors, leaders to better comprehend the opportunities and tackle key challenges of foreign investing.


Leading Corporates

Partner with Innouvo and its partners to efficiently and effectively evaluate the local innovation ecosystem and source quality deal flow matching your strategic business needs. Save time and energy in triaging and selecting deals that matters to you.

Ecosystem leaders

Evaluate regional opportunities that ca help your organizations better support global entrepreneurship and market access. Network and exchange best practices to support innovation excellence and find synergistic collaborations.

Strategic Locations for Business Success




Boston: Global Innovation Excellence


  • Boston is the historic home of the American revolution and of today’s technological (r)evolution.
  • A city that focuses on solving problems that matter: Healthcare, Climate change and more.
  • An ecosystem that values its diversity, entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and countries of origin.
  • An extraordinary city that houses some of the best and brightest minds on the planet.
  • The home of Harvard and M.I.T. as well as the some of the best incubators in the world
  • A proven track record of successfully bringing innovation to product companies and mind capital.
  • One of the largest Venture Capital community in the world, Boston is the launchpad to the world for technological innovations.


Strasbourg: Constitutional European Capital


  • The constitutional European capital, Strasbourg, France is the doorway through which companies can gain market access to Europe, including its many emerging countries.
  • Geographically located close to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, and a couple of hours away from Paris, Berlin and London.
  • Gateway to the upper Rhine region and to the $20 trillion European economy that includes as-yet-untapped economies, presenting immense opportunities for American entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Renowned as a center of excellence for healthcare and for a dedicated and passionate entrepreneurial community focused on solving pressing world issues similar to those we care about in Boston, including healthcare, climate change and more.

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Participating Organizations

Founding and Funding Partners


Special thanks to our ecosystem partners for participating in build up of more effective and efficient

European and US innovation ecosystem

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