Strasbourg - Boston & Co 2021

A leaner and better way to expand business opportunities: Working with dynamic and forward-looking cities, entrepreneurs & engaged ecosystem leaders

✈ Access the USA, European markets and a world of new possibilities ?

? Access the EU market through Strasbourg partners ✈

4-month growth & globalization program with Innouvo & 40+ partners


A program to Scale Up Global Startups


A private – public partnership approach:



Managing organizing partner

  Managing organizing partner for the ecosystem, Innouvo’s focus is to help entrepreneurs achieve results. The team at Innouvo has helped over 60 companies the last few years generate new signed partnerships, new clients and follow-on funding. Innouvo is missioned by the ecosystem listed below to transform entrepreneurial results into progress and results. 

United ecosystems focused on innovation scale up

  #DigitalHealth #Medtech #EnterpriseAI #ecommerce #GovTech #GreenTech

Health 4.0

Eco city 4.0

Investor United

 4 tracks aimed to create new business result

A curriculum to accelerate business opportunities

Track 1: Startup growth and globalization program

?? 8 Startups selected by the ecosystems to expand themselves to new markets and possibilities


Track 2: Nextmed: The Future of Healthcare driven by leading ecosystems

? An annual event rendez-vous to discuss the convergence of healthcare and ways to expand your connections and opportunities in the health sector


Track 3: EcoCity 4.0 – Tackling Disruption, EcoCities: Healthy, Clean, Green, Safe, engaging and fun cities

? The world is changing fast. Join this track to learn about more concrete and agile economic development approaches aligned to today’s needs

Track 4: Mid-size business + startups and creatives = How businesses win in today’s landscape

? Our ecosystem comes together to help mid-size companies pivot and grow with digital, creative startup strategies and partnerships

Demo days & Grand Finale


Pitch to the Xplore ecosystem: Find partners, investors and the networks you need to grow

? Join the Innouvo alumni network and benefit from ongoing opportunities


 What to expect

A focus on business & economic outcomes


Track record

3rd cohort

15+ Cities in the network

Press and Visibility

700+ Leaders and connectors in the network

$20m following funding for the alumni

15+ Companies

4 large strategic Partnership signed

Alumni Testimonials

More testimonials om Youtube @innouvo

Startup Internationalization program

4-prong approach

A lean way to help EU & US companies scale globally

Prep:  The most thorough custom venture studio program designed to bullet proof you


Soft-Land:  Support systems to help you roll out your solution and company in the target city(ies)


Outreach: Exposure and introductions for information exchange and opportunity creation that turns into $


Growth Hacking: Leverage the power of new digital tactics for your B2B and B2C or B2G business expansion. 


More details of the program available on

Why it works better

Key people runnning the program

Core Partners

Delphine Krieger – Strasbourg eco dev

Sarah Delude – Boston eco dev

Thomas Mollanger US Embassy

Alistair Schneider – CEO Innouvo

Azade Hosseini – Innouvo

Fredrik Velander – Innouvo

Nick Henderson – Keiretsu / Innouvo

Gary Jinks – Innouvo Ecosystem Executive

Michel Hussherr – Innouvo / Cajuba

Nicolas Pellerin – Nextmed

Guillaume Vetter Genoud – Semia

Guillaume Icre – Strasbourg Hospital

Yann Schneider BioValley

Emmanuel Poteaux – Conectus

Ari Glantz – New England Venture Capital

Lemuel Marvin – HLM Ventures

Executive Sponsors

Bijoy Sagar – CDIO Bayer / Innouvo

Chris Sowa – Global VP Schneider Electric

Jay Samit – American Serial Entrepreneur

Bernard Kress – Partner at Microsoft HoloLens

Pr. Jacques Marescaux – IRCAD

Darragh Paradiso – Consul General of the United States of America in Strasbourg

Arnaud Mentre – Boston French Consulate