Strasbourg - Boston & Co 2021

A leaner and better way to expand business opportunities: Working with dynamic and forward-looking cities, entrepreneurs & engaged ecosystem leaders

Edition 2019

Strasbourg companies successfully expanding their opportunities in Boston


Healthcare Innovators


The following entrepreneurs have enrolled in the 3-months program and will be in Boston from September 25th to October 6th 2019.

This first Health Innovation cohort have been selected from the 300 healthcare companies within the 130-mile radius of Strasbourg.

The cohorts are evaluating the opportunities that Boston can offer them and might potentially decide to develop further their business from the city.

Our team is also identifying startups from Boston to prepare and make similar explorations in the Strasbourg ecosystem and for them to expand into the French and European Markets.

For now, join us in congratulating this first cohort from Strasbourg in Boston. We wish them the best on meeting their business objectives while they are in Boston!

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Boston Exploration

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“It took a village”